These past days have being quite awful, and terrible, for some reason I am in sort of a dark mood loop. I am down, I have no idea of what I am doing and overall I have this sort of feeling of doing everything wrong. So taking advantage of some clouds photographs I had around on my computer (quite a skyporn lover) I decided to start another little photoshop project  to keep practicing and see if I can put what’s on my head into a photograph.

Keep in mind that I am still a newbie while working with Photoshop, so you’d take things easy when coming to this, but is also a good thing if you’re also starting to play around with Photoshop, so I am doing really easy things and my idea is to help you being able to create your own simple but cool and kinda awesome Photoshop compositions. Also, again one of the reasons to work in black and white as it makes things easier, eventhough with the general idea of my photograph, I would still be working on black and white.

Again my Photoshop is in Spanish, but the location of the buttons is exactly the same everywhere, so don’t worry about that. And in case you have ANY questions, don’t hesitate to ask, I’d like to help!

1st. THE picture + clouds pictures

First thing we’d do is open up on a file the picture we want to work on and the cloud pictures we could use, or we think are going to be useful, and open them as layers.

Open the images on layers

Open the images on layers

2nd. Get your clouds in black and white

I made a folder with all my clouds and at the beggining of it I set up a Tone/Saturation mask, and get all the saturation out, as it’ll let it in black and white. And also you can turn the luminance a little bit to the left so it’ll make everything a little darker.

Sin título2

Change the saturation

3rd. Play around with the shadows

As the idea is to get the subject surrounded by dark clouds, what I did was started to give the picture a little bit more of volume by giving it some cloud shadows on the body parts that are going to be shown, and play around with it so they don’t ruin the picture and keep being aesthetic.

To do that, I was taking some of the darkest cloud images I had and I changed the blending mode to DARKEN, then I moved the layers so they were located where I wanted them and change the opacity if needed.

Sin título3

Add some shadows

4th. Is time for some clouds

For this I used lighter clouds and brighter skies, and changed the blending mode to LUMINOSITY, so you can see the image blends more or less with the portrait, but is not exactly what I am looking for.

Light clouds

Light clouds

That’s the reason I am adding a new layer and painting it all black, then I attached it just to the layer down and change the blending mode to OVERLAY. And as you can see you’ve everything blacked out but the clouds so you can actually have your darkclouds and empty space in between that looks pretty cool.

Dark space and dark clouds

Dark space and dark clouds

In the end it all gets to something like this. What do you think about it?


So, hope you take your pictures of clouds, enjoy playing around with photoshop, and you tell me and share your results! And your tricks of course, always up for learning.

Also I leave you the video here, in my recently started Youtube channel, hope you enjoy it and it helps in case you have any doubts, though the quality kinda sucks, I know… I’ll get better on that, promise 🙂

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