Now that we’ve got our first digital camera, there are some buttons and shortcuts that are useful to start working with just on the body of the camera. After doing some reading of really interesting articles like this and a couple books, and for my short experience using DSLR cameras, I had reduced them to ten.

1. Viewfinder



Basically, the view finder is the window we use to capture our image. We just have to get the eye close to the little window and we’ll be able to see through the lens and figure out our compossition, and what do we want to photograph.

2. LCD display


LCD display

This screen has two functions, the first one is displaying the camera settings while shooting, and the second one should be displaying our photographies after shooting so we can check them and see if they are ok, or if they are blurried, unfocused, and repeat the take if necessary while we still can.

3. Mode wheel


Is the wheel we use to switch between the different modes of the camera, like automatic and manual, among others. What does it mean? That depending on the mode you’ll be more in charge of all the settings, or the camera will find the better ones automatically depending on the light conditions.

4. Menu control buttons

Control buttons

Control buttons

Once again, on most cameras we’ll have two functions for this buttons depending on how we use it. The first one should be using them as directing arrows when we’re working on the camera menu, while the second one will be using them as shortcuts to camera functions, which will help us to do things faster.

5. Shutter release

Shutter release

Shutter release

This is the button we have to press to shoot our beautiful pictures! What we should do is press it halfway to focus, and press it all the way down to take our amazing shot!

6. Interchangeable lens

Interchangeable lenses

Because the funny part of having a DSLR camera is having different sets of lenses to play around, as every single lense has a different way of shooting and have different ways of capturing a scene. You can use hundreds of different lenses on your camera to get different effects! Isn’t that awesome!?

7. Lens release

Lens release

Lens release

Ok, now that I have different lenses, how do I do to change them? You just need to press this button to take out the lense that’s on your camera and change it for another one.

8. Hotshoe



This is the part where you will be able to connect different pieces like a separate flash, or a flash remote when you work with off camera flash lights, for example. Just have to adjust the piece in the hotshoe, adjust it and secure it and it’s done!

9. Function dial

function dial

Function dial

This will be the thin wheel close to the mode wheel, and it is going to be used to change the settings of the camera without having to stop watching through the viewfinder. Which also might be useful when we have to check some of the basic settings.

10. Zoom grip

Zoom grip

This part of the lense is what we have to turn in and out, to zoom in, or zoom out, and help to get our subject on spot and focused.

And that should be it. Hope this small guide has helped you, let me know in the comments!

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