After weeks, and weeks researching which camera do I want to give my first steps in the photography world, I have decided to give myself a little treat and get the Nikon D7000 even if I have to invest all my savings to get it, which is pretty much what’s happening. I have talked to photographers and asked for advice, and the first thing you need to know about reflex cameras is that the most important part will be the lenses, those are the one’s that make the difference on the photographies, so when you choose the body, you can lay back a little bit more.

Therefore and taking into account how expensive that camera is, what was I going to do!? I already had settled my budget and if I would have to buy everything new I wouldn’t be able to afford it. That’s the main reason to buy a second hand camera, I mean, which other if it’s not for saving money? Let’s be honest. And that’s also the reason buying a second handed camera can be, and is, a little scary, because you are investing a lot of money on something without a “real” guarantee.

How should I do then? You might wonder, as well as I did, well I found this and this article,  superuseful when I was wandering around trying to figure out how to get my camera, the last one is in Spanish so, I will summarize the tips I got here and there and talking to people.

The best choice will be to buy your camera on a charity shop, a second hand shop, or even talk to people on virtual photography markets that are around Facebook, so you can actually take a look to your future camera, and see how it works and how everything plays out, and be confident everything works properly. And how do you check it? First you have to see if the body of the camera doesn’t have scratches, or it’s broken at some parts, check if the buttons and controls work out, if it focus in manual and autofocus… You should also use the number of shoots the camera has taken to use it as a reference, as it’ll be great this number is less than 300.000 shots, because the camera life is supposed to go between 150.000 and 300.000 shots.

Then if you’re also buying a lense, you have to check there’re no marks or scratches there too, and it’ll be nice to try the lense on the camera taking a couple shoots with the lense in different possitions, in case it has differnt lenghts, and making sure you can’t find anything weird, or any marks on the picture. You can also check if your old lenses will be compatible with the new body of your camera, because it is not likely that you want to buy all your lenses again.

Sometimes you can even find kits with the camera, some lenses, and some accesories like tripod and bags, which is always helpful, in plus when you’re starting on the photography world.

If you are a little bit more unfortunate as I am, and you live on a place where you don’t have the option to buy the camera you want from a store, or you don’t find anybody who is selling it, there’s no other chance than checking online, which of course is more risky and a little bit more complicated. First I tried with eBay, I even found a really good deal, but it didn’t sound that reliable, so I checked the store and reviews from the users and I found out that actually wasn’t a trustworhty place. That’s how I ended up asking again to other photographers and discovered other pages like B&H, another one should be the classic Amazon, and if you live in the UK, or have friends in there who can ship you the camera, two good sites MPB and Wex Photographic. 

The last recommendation is to be reaaaaaaaaaally patient, I am still trying to find out the one I want at a reasonable prize, so I will tell you how did that go. And what about you? Have you ever bought a second hand camera? How did it go? Where did you get it? Leave a comment telling me Everything about it!

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