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More than half a year has already past, and since I started this blog even a little more. Lately I have been paying attention to all the things I’ve learnt so far regarding the photography field. And I can honestly say I’ve learnt some pretty cool stuff, also that I still have to learn and keep on practicing as crazy to get where I want to be regarding photography.

This year I also started some photography challenges (ones with better results than others, to be honest) and as I told you the other day, I found out that some of my dearest friends were starting to play around with photography, and I met new people who also deeply love it and wanted to improve, and were a little lost as I was on how to do it. Now that we’re going to be physically appart for a while, we were thinking on how to keep our photography learning going on together, despite of the distance. And then it stroke me again, that’s what the internet is for, right? Keeping people in touch and close no matter where they are!

I started this blog as a little guide of how to start learning things in the photography world, as I am doing it, and I thought there would be lots of people who, like me, could need the hand, and feel warmly welcomed as newbies, people with a good will of sharing, and learning together. I will keep sharing what I learn, and everything I find you can also find useful, because sharing forward is nice, and I think we can all use a little bit of nice things on life.

That’s the reason I am starting now what I am calling photography playground, a place where I will post some sort of challenge, a commitment to improve and try new things. Learning and improving photography is all about trying, getting your camera out of the bag and shoot, and keep shooting, trying new lights, new angles, new things. It seems there’s no limit for what you can learn, but sure there’s a way, and that is getting your hands dirty and do it! Shoot! No matter the result, no matter if it is perfect, or is not how you pictured on your mind, is about getting out there and evolve your technique and your art, while having fun.

How is this going to go? I will post two challenges a month, one on the 15th, and the other one on the 30th, and we’ll have to make it happen 15 days! During that time, we’ll share our photographs under the #PhotoPlayground hashtag on Instagram. That’ll be amazing, as we’ll be able to see and share our pictures with a small group of newbies, which is always so, so cool. Lets meet each other and share! I so want to see your pictures, and I so want to see what you can do! I’ll also post some of your pictures in this blog!

Are you ready? Lets do this!! I’ll post the first challenge on the 15th so we’ll all be starting in just 5 days, get your camera ready, and set your mind up to the best photogs just wanna have fun! 

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