Hey, how’re you doing? I’ll be uploading soon the results of our first PhotoPlayground challenge! Have you submited yours? I hope you did, and you had fun, and you’ve practice and trained some useful photography skills!

As promised, today we’re starting with the second one. This time and keeping with the composition topic, we’re gonna try to get closer to the subject of our photographs, evern if is people, animals, objects, it doesn’t matter. We usually tend to walk a little bit back to get the general scene, and get as much information as we can, during these next two weeks we will be working on getting close, as close as we can to what we’re photographing. Don’t be afraid to get close to things or people and try to fill your frame with them! That’s part of the charm!

What do you think about it? Are you gonna give it a try? I’ve posted these examples of my previous work with some close ups, still I am going to keep shooting and create something new and better following the rule. I can’t wait to see your pictures!! Remember to post them on Instagram under the #PhotoPlayground2 hashtag! See you there, and remember that I will be featuring here the ones I like the most!

Lets go have some fun!

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