Hey guys! I looooooooooove photowalks, have I ever told you how much I love photowalks? Because I do, I do BIG TIME. Now more than ever, winds of change are coming to my life, soon I’ll be moving to Madrid if everything keeps going as it’s planned in about three months, and that’s why I want to gather with my friends and travel around the lovely, amazing, gorgeous, beautiful landscapes of my region.

That’s what I did this Saturday, called some friends, we all grabbed our cameras and were ready to explore! If you come to Santiago de Compostela, and you’ll know it is one of the most amazing places you can go, with its ancient stone streets and stories that mix legend and history, it is just magical. You might not know, on the other hand, about all this incredible places that surround it, green, natural almost virginal places, hidden for the pleasure of the locals.

One of those places is the suspension bridge and small waterfalls you can find in Xirimbao. My friend Lucía was superscared crossing the bridge as it moves and bends while you walk over it, and as you can see it is quite high! But she made it and she even kinda posed so I could take this cool random and abstract picture of our shadows on the green running river waters.

If you like nature and hikking (or as I do just gently walking through natural places, on my own superslow pace, and that doesn’t seem like working out at all) this is a wonderful place. Barely people around, there’s the river, some nice waterfalls (during winter time, and that’s the reason there’re no pictures of them now), a hikking path through the woods… perfect plan for a nice weekend, or any day off.

In plus if your wonderful friends are up to for ANY plans you’ve in mind, and new things you want to try! And that’s how we ended up playing with flour in the middle of the forest! I have to tell you… it was a lot harder than I expected, closed eyes, weird faces… but in the end they did it!! They totally did it!! We could get a nice shot with flour! So thanks to them! And also a big shoutout to Luluvanila and Myxellos for letting me experiment a bit 🙂

What about you? What’s your favourite place around you area?

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