Tough question, to be honest. Who am I? (read with Zoolander voice)

Just like you I am many things stuffed in a not so small body: I am a photographer, a traveller, an explorer, a fighter, I love to do things I am passionate about and at the same time I am one of the laziest people you get to meet if I am not into it.

My life has being so caothic so far. I studied Psychology at college, I’ve lived in a couple countries over Europe (Italy is one of my favourite ones and I feel Ireland as a second home), I’ve work of so many things and little by little, I’ve being figuring out what do I want to do with my life and how to get there.

I keep asking questions to myself about what to do, and how, and where to go… you know how that works… but I know I don’t want to give up on adventure. And one of the things it’s clear to me is that I am in love with photography and I am never tired of learning, shooting, editing and working on this field. Take your camera, meet new people, share experiences, let things flow, and discover new things from lovely souls it’s always a plus and one of the things I enjoy most.

So here I am, waiting to meet you, share and capture those especial moments for you. Or maybe just get together one day with some props and have fun, just because, cause any day can be special, just because we all love to take a look to old pictures and come back to that moment.