When I was eighteen I was way into people, I never felt that normal so I loved to hear “normal people” talk, share stories, do amazing things, and always wondered how did they do that, how was that possible, why were they like that? I still do, sometimes, old habits die hard. Anyways, that’s why I decided to study psychology. One thing you have to know is that Spanish university system makes you choose your major on your first day of college, therefore, you have to be really sure about what do you want to do when you start your degree (which is a little bit fucked up, as… what did my teenage self know about anything?)

That’s how I ended up with a psychology degree and no idea what I wanted to do with it. Studying two more years, and be a intern for four more, to end up doing therapy? Which I am still currently not that sure to like. Work with children? Not so sure about that either.

During my studies, I spent a year studying abroad, living outside my parents house for the first time and I discovered one of my life passions (and lets be honest here, pretty much everybody’s) travelling. Since then I was always looking for oportunities to go abroad, live in another countries, explore new cultures… And that was what moved me to do some volunteering work in Italy with disabled people. It was an incredible experience, I learnt a lot, mostly about myself and some Italian (and how to make middly good pizza) and among those things I realized working with disabled people probably wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life. Not on the long run at least.

That’s how I ended up deciding to learn how to be a Spanish teacher, as it seemed to me that would be the easiest way to work and travel the world at the same time. So I moved to Poland to study about how to be a teacher and share my knowledge on my language and my culture, and learnt a lot about other hispanic countries. It was a blast, it was challenging, and fun, and fascinating, but it didn’t also pulled the strings inside. So I knew it was a good option, but wasn’t my one and only kinda job, wasn’t my vocation.

I came back to Spain and applied for a grant on something I always wanted to do, and I always wanted to learn about: media and photography. One of my passions since I can remember, always loved them, always wanted to learn about them, I was always too scared to do anything related to them, because… you know… “is not a serious job”, “everybody is starving to death on that field”, “is an unsafe job”, and all that speech we all have heard. Anyways, took the none-risk, and flew to England to be a photographer’s assistant for the past three months. And I think that was the best decission I have ever made, and now I know I want to do and learn everything that is to learn about it.

That’s the reason I am starting this blog. To share my journey, and not just my journey, but information, experiences, tips, of where to begging learning photography and video recording and editing, as I am learning them myself.

So relax, lay back, and share this journey with me!!

Me working on my first shoot with a model.

Me working on my first shoot with a model. So scary and exciting

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