This has being quite a tough week. Monday ended up so poorly with me not being fast enough to get my visa (I really need to buy a new laptop, or clean up and reinstall everything on this one and see if I can save it for a little bit longer) so that was a hard hit on my spirits. I really wanted that to happen and I wanted to have something to be excited about for the next months.

On the bright side I have friends who are beyond positive and supportive, and they’ve being texting and keeping track on me (my friends are the best, but they are also busy people) and trying to lift my spirits until we could met all over this weekend, and talk about it drinking some beers and cooking some pizza. And it was the best, they share their stress, I share my blue time, we laugh about it, and they also shared their happy news and that’s always something that makes me happy, they are one of those examples when working hard pays off, and I couldn’t be prouder, or happier for them.

And as it’s said “when one door closes, another one opens“, and it is not really that the other one has opened yet, but I am determined to look for it, and open it. So after quite a bit on soul searching, I have decided I have two options, and I am going to try both at the same time and see what happens, and pray at least one of them works.

Option A: Find a job outside Spain. I lived abroad and I miss discovering new places, culture and people, and I already have two years of teaching experience. I never thought I may end up working on the Education field, but it seems life is driving me on that direction, and teaching Spanish/English is actually quite fun, to be honest.

Option B: Come back to university and get a master degree. I never thought I would be coming back to uni so early but almost 6 months without a job give you some perspective, to be honest. And I have think it through and I am going to ask for two types of master and see if someone would let me come back to study, the first would be marketing as I find it not only useful, but fascinating and interesting, in plus I love social media and I would like to be able to use it on that way. The second  would be Spanish teaching, as I would be able to apply to better teaching jobs and travel around the globe while having a paying job and I will be able to make it compatible with my photography and video passion!

And that’s what I will be doing for the next couple months, applying to lots of places, and things until something gets done. And if everything goes wrong, I already have booked myself some days out to visit friends in Andalucía which also will be an adventure as I have never being there!

What do you think? Are you more or less in the same situation? Do you have any advice? If that’s the case I would like to hear it SO much!

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