This Christmas I was able to take some portraits of my sister to practice a bit. Did I already say how AWFUL am I at directing people? Well, like REALLY awful, just because I am used to be a sniper, I see, I shoot, I observe, I shoot. And I usually take pictures of landscapes more than people, so for me being behind the camera, trying to ask to somebody to do something, feels funny and kinda weird.

And here I am, this weekend I will have to photoshoot eight people, and I am quite relaxed about it because it’ll be my sister and her friends, and I am doing it for practicing for free, so, it is like, no pressure. But at the same time I will be in charge of eight girls, who want their pictures to look amazing, and who are expecting some directions to get that, and that’s the part I am quite scared and need to improve. So I wanted to share with you the feeling, and what I found out to help me get ready for this type of shoots, like this post and some Pinterest ideas, and I am going to summarize all of it in two quick tips.

1. Get poses and ideas ready

I know this may be hard when you start, but there are lots of sites where you can find amazing group photography ideas and cheat sheets. The main thing you’ve to have in mind is to set everybody not with that many deep between them, and take into account some basics like the hight of the people, trying to settle the tall ones on the background or the center of the picture, and the short ones on the edges or up front.

2. Take multiple shots

I have read and I am going to try to make more than a shot at the time, for example setting up a continuous shooting mode, so the camera will take a couple of pictures really quick, to avoid having closed eyes, people looking to different directions… and in plus maybe in the second shot they’ll be a little bit more relaxed and natural!! Which is something I deeply love.

Have you ever took pictures of groups? How was it? Did you like the experience? Do you have some tips to share? Please don’t hesitate to share on the comments!

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