Hi! I have started this blog almost half a year ago, while I started to learn about photography and I wanted to share the things I was learning with other people who was also learning photography from scratch, or more experienced photographers who could give me advice on how to improve my photography, as things job wise weren’t doing so great (still no news on that field which is… really depressing)

It has being a while since I published anything photography related (more than the photographs I am taking once in a while) as I got stucked on how to keep learning, and how to continue my improvement. Is hard to be broke, because you can’t pay for classes or workshops, and the internet while being an amazing learning tool, is so wide that makes impossible for me to know where to keep looking. So all of this made me lazy and kinda down about the whole photography topic. Then I talked to my mom, and she has decided to be my mecenas once again and pay a workshop on basic lighting techniques with both natural light and flash lights, and I couldn’t be more excited about it to be honest, because I think knowing everything you possibly can about how light and shadows work its what makes your photography improves as its best.

And I am so excited about being able to share new basic photography knowledge with all of you guys, I really missed it, because not sharing to me means I am not learning at the same time, and that makes me sad, and I don’t really need more reasons to be sad right now. So I hope you’re excited and eager to learn a bit more if you’re newbies like myself and you like these news.

On other life updating related news, today in just about 3 or 4 hours, I will be having a supermassive stressful life crisis as I will be applying to New Zeland’s working holiday visa, fighting on fast fingers with another thousand Spaniards to get one of the 200 opening positions in a 10 minutes race at midnight, Cinderella style, but without the glamour of being all crazy dressed up (unless you count pijamas, and ponytail as being crazy dressed up)  So right now I am reeeeeeeally stressed out, because I want to go so, so, SO, SO bad!! I have being dreaming about New Zeland for the past three years of my life and I would like to cross it from my bucket list so bad. I know you’ve read so bad so many times in the past three sentences, but that gives you a clue of how bad I want it.

Anyways, I want to share two photography related news that happened on my life today. The first of which is I already have my air blower already after loads of time waiting for it to arrive, so I can clean my sensor for once! And the second one is amazing wonderful Jenna Martin featuring one of my pictures on her Instagram account!! Which have made me feel as I am improving somehow and my photography is moving forward and stuff! And anyways I am a huge fan of Jenna’s work, I think she is an incredible photographer and a really nice girl with a huge swearing repertory I love. I invite you to check her out, and read her blog if you’re finding inspiration, or want to read how real world photographers are and do awesome things while also struggling with some others as the rest of us.

Thanks for reading, and if you’re a kiwi, hope to meet you soon in person!

Jenna Martin! Holly s*!

Jenna Martin! Holly s*!

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