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This Friday I had my first photoshoot! And I know I’ve been shooting a lot in my way to practice and improve my photography, but I am talking about my first real-like photoshoot session.

Everything started with my former college friend Patricia, who was taking a look to all the pictures I am uploading everywhere on my social media and got in touch with me as she wanted to take some pictures and she was thinking I was the right person and it’ll be something fun to do and to try.

Why I am then so excited about this photoshoot? When I was already taking pictures with my friends and stuff? Because for the first time, it wasn’t just like me having my camera around and having fun taking random pictures, this was another person with an idea on her mind, talking to me to make it real!! And that’s scary and amazing, and a completely different challenge! For the first time, I am not just trying to make nice pictures, but nice pictures that goes with the idea of a “client” (though she wasn’t a client either on the most literal way)

What we did then was setting a mood board on Pinterest so we could be on the same page about what she wanted and expected to come out the photoshoot. I’ve found this a great way to keep getting in touch and sharing ideas and put pictures into those ideas that’ll serve as lead and help giving a guide and some orientations. That also helped me to get some readings about light, how to work on location and also search for blog posts about what to do before a shoot and how to get ready!


Moody picture? We did it!

Next thing I know, it’s Friday already and we’re up for shooting time! I woke up and get my gear ready on my bag: camera with battery charged (checked battery levels on the previous night) checked, reflectors (the foam board and the real one) checked, aaaaaaand… that’s all my gear so, that was an easy one. Also I took the time to clean up the sensor and the lense, so everything was as clean and sharp as it possibly could and translate into less work on the post processing.

A good thing you’d do if you can is scout the location previous to the photoshoot, or be able to choose and set your location. On this case, we wanted to shoot on a forest location, and none of us really knew exactly where to, so her friend guided us to this amazing place close to a river, full of green and trees everywhere, which was pretty cool and also hard to work on there sometimes, as it were branches and leafs everywhere. Anyways the shoot was incredibly fun and amazing, we tried to climb into trees, she even brought some props and outfit changes… and we had a blast.

I’ve learnt new things I did good (backlight and a reflector for portraits, is a must, and is going to be something I will keep doing it as far and as much as I can!), and also some things that could have gone better and will go better for the next time (still too much work to do with the whole leading models and telling people how to pose, and in plus I was working with A mode and I discovered that’s not my thing, even if it makes the workflow easier or faster at least)

Backlight + reflector

Backlight + reflector

Overall, it was a great experience, she was superpatient when I was waiting for the light, and she participate with ideas, and also help to make everything smoother. It was also cool to know how a photoshoot works, what things do you have to get ready, what should I practice more and also what I am doing fine. And I have a perspective of how real workflow and real photoshoots and working on those photographs go.

So give it a try, pick up a friend and set your first photoshoot if you hadn’t already, and if you had, please share how you manage and get ready for them! I’d love to read your experiences on this topic.

PS. Thanks for the butterflies stock to Lady Caroline and her #SharingItForward project 🙂

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