Woot woot! Great news everybody! I am so excited! Can’t wait to tell you all about the new crazy project that Drisual and I came up with for this new year! 

We have enjoyed meeting and collaborating with all of you guys over the last year. It is the best thing that has come out of the 52 weeks of photographic madness. Nevertheless, as life tends to get in the way of our projects, and we’ve realised – through you as well as our own experience –  that sometimes taking the time to organize a small shoot every single week is not easy,  and we totally understand. However, it has been an amazing way to get out of our comfort zones and practise some new topics and techniques. Therefore, this year we’re going to do some monthly projects.

Let me explain the reasons why we’ve decided to change this and why we’ve come to the conclusion that this will be the best way for us to improve our photography.

  1. Drisual and I are quite ‘explosive’ photographers – I am pretty sure nobody calls it this, but I what I mean is that we like to hang, go out, explore and take pics as we feel it in the moment. We like to improvise, a lot. So we think that it’ll be good for us to develop a our planning a little bit, to think about the style, the colours, the story telling, and to make sense of a series of pictures. This means becoming a bit more reflective. It doesn’t mean everything has to be planned out to the tiniest detail – we know that’s not gonna happen, not for us at least – but to take some time, to think and arrange things before shooting, and to see pictures not only as an individual thing.
  2. Having 4 weeks allows you to explore a topic in depth, decide where you are going to put the focus, and take your time to research the techniques, strategies, landscapes, models or props needed for the project to keep moving forward. My idea – which is personal and absolutely not mandatory – is to dedicate the first week to thinking about the project and how to do it, I mean, my understanding of the topic, the colours I want to use so it is consistent, ideas that come to mind and how to engage them… Yes, I mean, to plan it thoroughly. The second and third weeks will be dedicated to organizing the shoots, and I’ll use the last one to edit the pics I think are suitable for the project.
  3. It will increase our creativity and will help us to develop our photography style. In my case, for example, if you go to my Instagram you’ll see certain topics are always there: people, landscapes, sunsets… Although, I change my editing style so often they don’t look like they have been shot by the same photographer! There’s no “Nucky Dana style” and that’s something you only can improve when you work with your pictures as a whole and not individually.

How is this gonna work?

So this year we’ll keep using Instagram for the challenge, using the hashtag #Drucky19. We have come up with 12 challenges which are fairly open so each one of you can adjust them to your photography style or what they like to shoot best. I can’t wait to see all the different ways there are to shoot a topic depending on who’s behind the lense and their style!

Plus, we’ll open a 13th challenge that will be completely free style! You choose the topic and how to do it. It’s a completely personal project that you can work on all year round!

How many pics can I upload?

…You might be wondering. As many as you want, as long as they have a consistent style and a common concept so they can be considered a project. You don’t have to take the pics at the same day or time. Not at all. But you need to make sure they match and have the same aesthetics.

Is there a prize?

Like last year, we want to give you a little something so you can keep yourself extra motivated.

All through the month we will be uploading and sharing our favourite pics on our InstaStories, regardless of the project they belong to. And by the end of the month, Drisual and I will choose our favourite project and share it on our Instagram and our blogs so they can reach more people. At the end of the year we’ll choose the final winner! Whoever wins the most projects throughout the year will get their favourite project printed.

As you can see the dynamics of the challenge are basically the same, we have just changed the style a bit and hashtag.

We will be writing posts with tips, advice, information and some mood boards to help you and keep you inspired. So don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter!

See ya in #Drucky19!

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