I was thinking the other day what could I share with you, something fresh, new, and also and most important, useful! It took me quite a long time to figure it out, and since you quite enjoyed the Couples photoshoot tips I thought that maybe you’d like to take some nice pictures of your puppies and make them look awesome!

And there’s also something fun about shooting dogs! Dogs have tons of great and amazing qualities, and that’s why we love them! They’re strong, nice, sweet, powerful, loyal, and those are just few of the reasons why they are such a wonderful companionship. Also, they are beautiful creatures, and those are few of the features we’ll try to capture on our photographs: their amazing powerful, fluffy, big, short, whatever kind of bodies, and also their gentle, fun, caring, energetic, playful, relaxed spirits.

NCK_0138I must confess, I am not a huge fan of dogs, more of a cat person here. *Please don’t kill me*. Most of this comes from a little fear of dogs, that I am pretty sure my dad taught me. Therefore, it has being so nice to start shooting people’s furry friends. As I can get to be a part of that relationship for a while and getting to know better how they’ve met, and why dogs and their owners develop this amazing relationship, where love is given without holds. 

Also, I know how dogs are and they sure aren’t quiet! They are usually playful, they run, they jump, they move, they come close to the camera because is a new toy, and it’s making weird little sounds when pointing at them! Therefore I had to do a little research on how to get this done, and then… is all about the practice! So, take these little tips from me and try them out next time you’re out with your doggies!

NCK_01561. Lense selection: For this kind of photography, I am so up for a zoom lense. If you only work with primes and you are superused to use them? Go with them, whatever works best for you. If not, seriously, dogs are hard to make stay quiet and still, just for the seconds that you need to shoot. Therefore, if you go with the zoom lense, you will be able to have a wider range of working possibilities at once.

2. Aperture selection: When shooting dogs, you’ve to be careful with the aperture you’ll use. You want to work with a wide one so you can separate the dog from the background, but not too wide so parts of your subject will be blurry. I wouldn’t recommend to go wider than a f/4 tops, and if you want to have everything sharp, work from f/5.6 up. Also if you’re shooting outside and working with natural light, be careful with its changes, and maybe it’ll be a good idea to switch from manual to A mode (Aperture priority).

3. Keep open to new perspectives: As always happens in photography, play around with new points of view and perspectives. Try shooting from above, then go down and get to the dog’s level, try to get a close up, or maybe a panning, or a shot from far away… Don’t be afraid of trying new things and lets play!

4. Get some toys and rewards: Posing is hard work and should be rewarded. So if you want to shoot a couple nice closeups and stills of the doggie, you might need to things: First, let it play and run until it gets tired. Second, get some dog rewards to use them as bribe to keep it staying still for a couple seconds. Also, remember is nice to have pictures of the dog playing and running naturally, so try to use rewards just when needed and with a purpose.

12625613_10209284707983285_1056590193_nThe rest? Let it flow! Try to keep it a fun and spontaneous! Try to look for a nice background that serves well to embrace the nature and character of the dog and enjoy playing around!

Have you ever shoot dogs? Are you planning to? Share your experience on the comments below!

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