Meet my wonderful and gorgeous sis!

This last week I was going through Cooph youtube channel, and taking a look to all their videos, learning cellphone hacks and photography tricks. If you had never taken a look to them, you totally should, they do crazy amazing things, with a short budget and a lot of DIY!

And on this video, they did a housing for a cellphone with a glass, yeah, you’ve read well, just a simple, normal, regular glass, the ones you have at home for drinking water, or soda! And it just snaped me! I was dying to do some underwater photography this summer, and for budget reasons, I found it impossible.

I couldn’t build my own housing, cause I couldn’t figure out the way to do it, and I just have one camera, that took all my savings to buy, so I don’t want to jeopardize that, and a real, well built, totally brand new housing cost around two grands! Waaaaaaaaaaaaay out of my league, specially for playing around! I was thinking about buying an underwater camera, but in the end,… well, I just have money to buy one thing, and the flash seemed more useful, to be honest. So it seemd like I was doomed to try nothing underwater this summer. Which was pretty disapointing to be honest, I so wanted to try, I was watching all this photographs, and I love the wavy hair, and the sun reflections on the water… It was all so cool! I wanted to be a part of that! Or try it at least!

2015-08-07 14.15.09So, what did I do? Asked my sister to come to the pool with me, we took a big tall glass, our cellphones and that was it! Bam! Put your cell inside the glass, part of the glass on the water and that’s it! Right to the water! Nothing else to do but spinning around, getting close to the camera, or further away. Try to open your eyes! Don’t move that much! Try to do this, and that, and this again! Now’s my turn! It was so fun!!

Some things you’ve to take into account as the system is far from perfect, and you’d have this in mind, that is just a free way to have fun on the pool one day, and by no means will be useful for high quality underwater photography of any kind. The photos will come a little blurry and with tons of blue tone, that’s normal. Other things you’d have in mind while doing this:

  • IMG_0952If your model can’t have her/his eyes open underwater, make pictures with them fully closed, as you won’t be able to have anything else but a bunch of squirky faces.
  • I read that for modelling underwater you’d let all your air out and go into the water with your body weight, without air to pull you up again. We tried this several times, and it was such a huge disaster! LOL. Underwater modelling is hard, let me tell you that! So, we found this little trick, were you just go down with all the air, and don’t move, letting it pull you slowly to the surface again. Again, not perfect, and may help on the blurriness and stuff, but is way easier, and the point of this is most having fun than have supergood pictures, to be honest.

If you want to take a look, and you must certainly should, to the video that originated all this underwater mayhem, you can watch it in here! I also recommend you to follow them because they do update awesome hacks quite often!

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