Since I came back to university, I have found myself in the middle of a lot of work and trouble, therefore, I haven’t being able to find the time to shoot, or even to keep learning about photography anymore. Sucks so bad.

I’ve tried to keep on being in touch with it at least, and there are loads of tutorials I’ve been watching, and interviews I’ve being reading. But as you all know, whole of this doesn’t matter if you don’t pick up your camera, go out there, and start shooting and practicing. Practice is the ONLY thing that will make you a better photographer.

Also spent time sending emails, trying to get a little bit of work as a photographer asisstant, just for the good and sake of learning from a pro (and I mean that as I wasn’t asking for a paycheck but just for the learning opportunity), but that also didn’t work, which was such a bummer.

Now I am finishing my studies and I have a little bit more time to spend practicing, I also work some hours teaching Spanish a week that allow me to get some cool things I wanted to try (so hopefully more DIYs coming soon! As well as some stuff I wanna try and if it works I’ll be able to give ya a couple brushes! I am so excited about that, I seriously hope it works!)

Then, I am excited to say I am back to business (blogging bizz, still no photog bizz whatsoever). And I know there’re so much to do, so much to learn and so much to share!

So tell me guys, what have you being up to? What do you want to learn? What do you wanna read about?

Let me know cause I really want us to keep walking down this road together!

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