Morning guys! How are you doing?

This year has been crazy and I barely got time to take the camera out to shoot and learn new things. That’s why I am bringing this new and awesome plan to practice our photography skills together and improve them this new year! Because, at the end of the day, we get immersed in our routine and our day-to-day lives, between work, responsibilities, going to the gym, grabbing beers… it is easy to make excuses not to shoot and just let it go.

As photography is an art that’s much harder than it looks, everyday practice and persistence, reading, learning and working on our skills with the camera and the light is essential. That’s why I’ve come up with a photochallenge!

It’ll be 52 photochallenge weeks carefully curated by me, in collaboration with Drisual. Each week will have a different challenge that will be based around different sets of skills and topics through the year: landscapes, portraits, creativity, perspectives, techniques…  The aim is to work through them, all of them; we’ll get out of our comfort zones and work on different skills to get better as photographers.

How should we do this, then? We’re going to play in Instagram with the hashtag #Drucky52, it is going to be awesome to see the different ways you all have to shoot and how each one of us is able to create striking, and completely different pictures! Each week, Drisual and I will choose one winning picture and we’ll share it in both our InstaStories.

But that’s not all! To give you a lil’ more of a motivational push, we’ll be publishing an ebook on Amazon with the best 52 pictures taken through the year. This way you could see your picture published, and who doesn’t like that!?

52 weeks photochallenge: All year

And our last price, the superprize!

There are two prints waiting for the person who wins the most challenges through the year. The first print will be from my Instagram feed (@nucky_dana) and you can choose ANY PICTURE you want from it (only restricted by the necessary model releases). The second print will be from Drisual’s Instagram feed (@drisual) and again, you’ll be the one choosing the picture you’d like to hang on your walls!

Plus! You are not all alone in this because we’ll be writing posts to help you with the challenge (and as we’ll also be participating because … I really need to motivate myself to shoot some outside my confort zone and some personal projects). We’ll write tips, information, mood boards… that will inspire you and help you participate in this challenge with extra enthusiasm.

Also, you can subscribe right here so you won’t miss any challenge! I’ll see you and your pics in #Drucky52!


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