Yay! I got myself a 50mm prime lense, and I was over the moon and back when it came. I had been reading so much about its cool bokeh, and its sharpness and great quality of light and yada-yada-yada. Aaaaaaaaaand, eventhough I do love the bokeh (f/1.8 YAY!) there are some handicaps that I will have to overcome when it comes to its use, and maybe you are on the same point, or have being, so I thought why not to share them. Because let me tell you, oh geez, I thought this would be easier!

NCK_08501. Shooting speed: By saying this, I mean how fast can I shoot what I want to shoot the way I want to compose it. I am a fast shooter in general, I like improvising, talking to my models and friends, move around but being able to zoom in and get that wonderful close up of that wonderful moment just on the right time. That is something I can’t do (yet, hopefully) with the 50mm, as I am the one who needs to move to get more or less of the subject on the frame the way I like it. This is a good thing while I have time to ask my model to stay still, but with kids or animals? Total mayhem! I am finding myself missing my 28-70mm!

2. Focus: This is another thing I am finding myself having new unexpected troubles. As most of the people shooting with a digital DSLR I am shooting with the autofocus, at least most of the time. That’s what I am doing with this lense also, but I am finding it to be less on focus and sharp as I expected. I am pretty sure this has to be with the dept of field (wider apertures, means less things in focus and less sharpness) as I am superexcited to shoot on f/1.8, but still have to manage how to work with distances so everything gets clean and sharp, as I want it to.

3. Sensor size: The last part that I’ve to deal with and make sure I get right (it’s all about practice, practice, practice!) is to make up my mind that in my case, a 50mm is not really a 50mm. I was so used to hear all over and around this: “Having a 50mm is great as is what it has the least distortion and matches the most with what the eye sees in reality“. So when I am moving around and trying to get my picture, I have this in mind, but the reality is that with my APS-C size sensor a 50mm lense works like a 75mm! Which is quite amazing for portraits, but not as good for landscapes or street photography.


These are my thoughts and my experience and struggles so far with the 50mm prime lense, do you have yours? Do you like it? Did you also have some struggles when you started using it? Let me know in the comments below!

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