Photoplayground 19: Architecture

This past month has been all about the world changing! Am I right? It all has been crazy, we have got ourselves a new-recycled president in Spain and at the same time the US got theirselves a new president who’s surely gonna shake things around. As one of you said in your caption: The world’s upside down. 

On the bright side, you’ve been tagging lots of pictures to the #Photoplayground19 and you’ve done an amazing job! That makes my heart fill with joy and happiness! You guys are geniouses and have submitted pretty amazing pictures! I can’t believe how inspiring it has been to see your work all over! Thanks!

And as I promised, I am featuring here your pictures, because this is still all about community!! So sharing your creativity and your work is part of the fun! And you’ve tried hard, worked hard and played hard, and had some really awesome results! Hope you enjoy this gallery then and if you find something interesting, don’t hesitate to check the owner’s Instagram, who knows, you may find some pretty rad new feeds to follow, and even more awesome and cool people behind it!

Hope this also motivates you a little bit for our new challenge, #PhotoPlayground20 which in case you don’t know yet, is about wonderful bokehs, as Christmas is the best time of the year to play with the lights! So I hope to see your pictures all over that hashtag too!

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