Photoplayground: #14 Animals


14 Animals

How are you dear fellow photography players!! How are you doing? Are you feeling into the mood of sharing some nature with the rest of us? Do you have a pet? Friends with pets? Are you an animal lover? Hope you are because portraying animals is the challenge for this month!

You might be a dog person, a cat person, or maybe a fish person. You can try to snap a beautiful portrait of your pet, or maybe of some of your friends’ and then make them a cute gift. Can be a pet, or maybe a wild animal. And any kind of animal is allowed. So lets try out these animal pictures, and lets see and share beautiful creatures! What do you think?

If you need some clues you can check out the post I wrote about how to take pictures of dogs, and see if that can give you some ideas and get some creative juices flowing on the right direction.

You have all the time in June to think about how do you want to show your own perspective on this topic to the community and to practice animal photography.

What do you think about it? Are you gonna give it a try? I can’t wait to see your pictures!! Remember to post them on Instagram under the #PhotoPlayground14 hashtag! See you there, and remember that I will be featuring here the ones I like the most!

Lets go have some fun!

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