Couples photoshoot

This Sunday I was lucky enough to share a couple hours shooting an amazing lovely couple. It was my first time shooting a couple and there’s a lot going on, you’ve to focus on so many details, the glances, the smiles, the way they touch and caress each other… Your pictures have to show and reflect the love and type of relationship two people share, and that’s not easy and also it has it’s own kind of pressure, right?


Eventhough I usually love to see couples photographs, I recognize how hard it is to do something nice, natural and above all not cheesy. I am hard to please on that aspect, because for me relationships are not about romantic comedy Hollywood poses and moments, but at the same time… yknow… that’s what’s nice to see in pictures! You want to capture the daily routine and the love they share on a natural way, and at the same time, you want to do it on a way that looks awesome and nice!

Therefore and for that purpose, I was just watching lots, and lots and lots of couples pictures. Analazing and deciding which were the things that I liked most, what about the light, the poses, the way both of them could stare at each other, or show afection without it being too imposed. And these are the conclussions I’ve reached and I want to share with you:

NCK_06221. Wardrobe selection: First of all, you’ve to make sure the couple brings a nice, clean, sharp clothes. Avoid bright colors, and crazy patterns that will drive attention from your love birds. Clear plain colors would be the best to work, this doesn’t mean they have to be dull though, just not too much.

2. What about the makeup: A little bit of makeup is always helping, not just for girls, but also for guys. It helps even the skin, reduces blemishes and makes you look better, that’s the whole point of makeup, right? And is awesome, also, I would try to keep it simple and natural (unless the couple is like super into strong make up for some sprecific reason).

3. Keep open to new perspectives: It is nice to have a nice couple shots of the couple from far away, so you can see them standing and you can see the full body. It is also nice to get a bit closer to capture and frame their faces a bit more. The same way it is nice to get a nice close up to the hands, the lips, the eyes… Don’t be afraid of fool around, and work with all those details, change your perspective and play with it.


The rest? Let it flow! Try to keep it a bit bright and light, as love is supposed to be! Try to look for a nice background that frames the occasion, center the attention on the couple and enjoy.

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  1. joanfrankham says:

    Sounds quite demanding, and a lot to remember to get it all right.

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    1. Nucky Dana says:

      Hahaha, maybe I make it sound worst than it is? That’s how I felt at least, but it was so much fun, and it is always nice to hear love stories and how people meet and those are also some of the perks of these kinds of shoots :) You’d give it a try!

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      1. joanfrankham says:

        I am not sure, I usually take photos of scenery and buildings, so photographing people would take a bit of practice.


      2. Nucky Dana says:

        Let me know if you try! It has something nice to photograph people. Also is nice to have nice pictures of people you love (most of my pictures are still from family and friends)

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      3. joanfrankham says:

        Yes, I actually have a lot of those, mainly from special occasions, now that I think of it. I must get some printed, it’s a shame to leave them sitting in a computer.

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      4. Nucky Dana says:

        Yes! You’d do that…. actually, now that you mention it… I should too :)

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