2016 project: Through the lense

Hi there people! I know, I know, I had started being a mess with the whole blogging thing. In my defence I am superbusy with school, so I barely have time to play with the camera, and writing takes even more time, so… so so sorry. I will try to make it right and at least write a couple times a month, sharing some experiences and knowledge and a little bit of everything as I have always tried.

Also, I got myself into an inspiration drought, and it has being hard to me to see what I wanted to do, or what new things to try, or what old things to work on, and stuff. But, I think that is already moving away from me and the way I think this happened was mainly that I have decided to build my first photography project!

I am calling it Through the lense, and I will try to capture photographers working, I don’t mind they are amateur, or pro, they shoot people, or landscapes, or animals, I don’t care. I just want to show them work and have a nice conversation with them, to be inspired by them and let them teach me how to improve my photography (not directly, but there’s always tons of learning involved when you see other people taking pictures). Also, it is kinda sad not having pictures of you working because you’re the one taking the pictures, above all I think I’ve never seen a photographer that’s not passionate about what he/she does, and I would love to trasmite that on this series.

Just to make it top! I am going to try to put this project and make it an eBook! Something I can have around with me forever and that will remind me to keep working and can inspire me when I get myself again into an inspiration drought.

And you? Are you gonna start a project? What is it going to be about? Please let me know in the comments below!

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