9 Propositos año nuevo

Happy new year lovely people!! How are you doing? The past year has had its ups and downs, and has felt quite as a rollercoaster. So weird, new place to live, back to college, I was so up with photography and then a little bit down with the moving…

This is why it is important to me to set up resolutions for the new year, they give me time to reflect, to think deep down on what I am doing right, and wrong, what do I wanna head, and what do I want to do, and learn, and live… I think as all of us, trying to do of the new year a better one if possible. That is the reason I am choosing this topic as the #Photoplayground9 one.

Take the time in January to think about what your resolutions are, and try to show them on a picture. What do you want to achieve? What are your hopes and dreams? What do you want to change? You can share it with this small little community and be supported on this new 365 days journey.

What do you think about it? Are you gonna give it a try? There’re no examples this time, as a new year enters and comes in, I also have to start thinking and working on it.  I can’t wait to see your pictures!! Remember to post them on Instagram under the #PhotoPlayground9 hashtag! See you there, and remember that I will be featuring here the ones I like the most!

Lets go have some fun and have a wonderful splendid new year filled with love, fun and joy!!

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