Oh geez! Has been such a long time since last time I wrote anything here. And what’s worse, I am not finding time to practice my photography! That’s bad, that’s so bad. It is nice that I’ve found some time to start with the challenges again, cause that’ll push me to get out my gear and practice.

Got too caught up with my studies and getting used to the new place, that everything has gone outta hand. I have the feeling that I’ve been living here for ages and at the same time has just been a month! How crazy is that!? I need to find my routine, and a way to work, and study, and take pictures…

Also I’d love to start shooting not just for fun, but I’ve no idea on where to start that! Everything’s superconfusing, to be honest…

Any advice on life? LOL…

Hope you guys are doing awesome! And I will find time to get better and keep learning so I can share it with you.

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