Photography playground: #7 Sunsets

7 Sunset

Hey, how’re you doing? I know it has being a while since last time we had a challenge together, and I am so sorry about it. To be honest, I should have let it all done already before moving to Madrid, but … keeping with the honesty, well… I am more of an impro person. And here we are now, months later and no challenge uploaded! That’s SO bad, I got caught up on writting papers, reading papers, submiting papers… and pretty much everything that involves papers I barely had time to shoot, practice or even edit pictures!

That’s way too bad, and I am putting and end to it. I am back! Back with the challenges, the learning together, the exploring new photography tricks, completely back! We’re starting then with something simple, nice and so easy to do! You don’t need a DSRL or even a point and shoot! Your phone will do the trick pretty good. That’s it, we’re shooting sunsets.


Also I will be changing the duration of the challenges, and doing them monthly, what do you think? More time to train new skills and find some time to practice, right? Or you rather we keep doing them each 15 days? So during November we will be shoothing something nice! Just have to be outside, and take a look to the big orange and upper blue colors of the sky during dawn, and try to capture its essence as much as possible. I know you love sunsets, seeing them and seeing them in pictures, so why not try to take an amazing sunset picture? Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Just be careful with the shadows and silhouettes! Unless that’s what you’re going for!


What do you think about it? Are you gonna give it a try? I’ve posted these examples of my previous work on this fieldstill I am going to keep shooting and create something new and better following it. I can’t wait to see your pictures!! Remember to post them on Instagram under the #PhotoPlayground7 hashtag! See you there, and remember that I will be featuring here the ones I like the most!

Lets go have some fun!

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