Walking through the mist

Sight of the Frunas
Sight of the Furnas

This Sunday my parents celebrated their thirty five years of happy marriage. I was blessed by being home this year to celebrate with them, and my dad really knows incredible places on our region, he is a true explorer, so we decided we’d go for a walk on the small cliffts and one of the largest more scariest and dangerous beaches of Galicia.

If you happens to be around Galicia somewhere near the coast, you’d check it out, there’re all this ocean water pools that the ocean has carved on the rocks through the years and years (actually were the locals go swimming, as the real beach is really dangerous and people had drawn there) and that’s one of the most amazing places I’ve been this year, its called Furnas and is close to Noia. I was superexcited about this lil trip, eventhough when we woke up the skies were all gray and rainy, and by the time we got there the whole beach was covered by the mist and the fogg.

Furnas beach
Furnas beach

I still was thrilled to be there, and it might sound cheesy but it’s always great to do stuff with my family, so I was happy to climb the rocks to get the views with my dad, and see him being all concerned about my safety while doing it and calling me clumsy all at the same time. It was so amazing to walk to the very end of the clifft to see the water crush and raise, splashing it all over the rocks, which also give as a result amazing pictures of waves crushing on the air, plus a little feeling of being small and some certain rush and thrill for the adrenaline rush.


In the end we went down to the beach, to enjoy a wonderful and lonely walk, feet on the sand, as the place was just empty! Seriously good perks of the bad weather, they get rid of the masses walking all around and leave you with great landscapes without people interfering. I like that feeling, and I like those views, the ones that make you feel little and connected with the Earth. The water was amazing, and it took us half an hour walking before we decided to get back to the car and therefore home.

My mom walking on the beach
My mom walking on the beach

Overall, it was an awesome and relaxing family day, just talking, and bonding, and doing nothing more than that, adding some pictures as sweet dessert. I loved it, and I totally recommend the place if you go to Galicia, despite of the weather, or taking advantage of the weather! Enjoy the mist! Who said that isn’t beautiful!? Also, if you’re a fan of the work of the Spanish director Alejando Amenabar, he made a film “The sea inside” telling the story of a man that takes place in this region and beach! Which is also a plus!

Have you ever been on a beach with mist? Did you like it? Had you take pictures on those conditions? Is hard, isn’t it!? Share on the comments below and let me know your experiences!

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  1. cookingtrips says:

    I just love your first picture, the Sight of the Furnas !!! It is so neat and so bright and so balanced in colors, even in the water reflection ! Just love it, great job !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nucky Dana says:

      Thank you so much! Is an incredible place, and I sure want to come back on a sunny bright day!

      Liked by 1 person

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