DIY: Bokeh

I am pretty sure you’ve seen all those pictures with the background really blurry and one thing on first place on focus, if you add some lights to it you’ll have an amazing bokeh picture, and now that’s Christmas time, xmas for friends, who doesn’t love those pictures? They give a nice warm touch to your xmas photography! I bet you always wanted to learn how to do that and that it looked kinda difficult, well,… it is really not that hard, takes some time to try out things, but is pretty easy indeed!

The only thing we need are lights, and a lense with a large aperture (low numbers, like f2, f4… something like that). What we have to do then would be:

1. Set the lights on the background, or foregroud, depending what you have in mind.

2. Set our aperture to its larger, letting it as open as possible (I took my shots with an f4)

3. Place the subject/object of our picture far from the lights (this is were you’ll have to keep moving things around without any fear till you get what you want, because depending on the distance, the lights will look bigger, or smaller, or more defined)

4. Shoot and have fun!!

Bokeh with figurine
Bokeh with figurine

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