Photography playground: Exposure

Ok, now that we know a little bit more what is the exposure and how does it kinda works, even if it is reaaaaaaaaally basic, I want to practice and I thought you may want to practice too, so I am going to start here a practice playground, as I can’t give you any prizes, and I want us to share and just have fun.

So, we’re going to start this, and I hope we have time at least over the weekend to play around to get the shoots we want, and I’ll be posting your submissions here if you are up to participate.

What are we gonna play with then this week? As we’re trying to play with exposure, we’ll try to get a picture that’s poorly exposed, but made on purpose. This means that the picture is going to be too bright, or too dark, but just to make our photo and our idea work.

What do you think about it? Want to give it a try? Can’t wait to see your pictures!! This are my examples, and my try outs, hope you like them!

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