Hey guys!! So far you’ve seeing me play around with smoke soooooo much and you already know I love it badly! Therefore, I thought it was about time to get back to shooting smoke and getting, not only the pics, but some amazing brushes to use in Photoshop when needed for compositions. Can you believe it?

That’s why I have a big surprise and a big give away for you guys! I want to share with you five of my favourite smoke brushes for free! You just have to be suscribed to the newsletter, or suscribe if you’re not!

And you might be thinking… what the hell should I want this (apart from the: it’s free!)? What can I do with it!? You can, PLAY!! Lets give you some examples then, some small creation and inspirations juices flowing on the right brain wave direction! Remember you have a small tutorial on how I have created the following image, so you can also check that out here, and get some free stock smoke images too, that I gave you on a previous give away!


Ok, lets go and learn how to add the brushes once you download them, because it is SUPEREASY. You just have to go to your brushes, open the adjustments menu and clic on the add brushes button. Then you just have to look for the folder you have download them (or store them) and click on the .abr file and open it.

2016-08-31 (3)

2016-08-31 (5).png

Once you’ve done this, you will have them added on the brushes panel option. Then you just have to click on one of them and it will select it as a new brush, if you want to use it you just have to put it on the place you want it to be, and clic! As if it was a stamp! You can change the size, the color, the opacity and the flow of the brush, which is also pretty awesome!

2016-08-31 (8).png

Another one of my first creations when playing around photoshop and smoke was recreating the flag of my region. Which is quite simple and also beautiful, and I thought it matched the spirit of my motherland. It is pretty cool to know you can do small little simple things that are awesome and means a lot to you and other people.


Ok, that’s everything for today, I hope you enjoy the brushes as much as you can, and it’ll bring you joy and tons of happy editing and compositing hours. Please, share the results with me here, over my Facebook page, or using the hashtag #NuckyBrushes on Instagram!!

And as always, if you have any doubts, questions, suggestions… feel free to share and ask over the comment section below!

Thanks for the reading, and talk soon!

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