Golden hour

Most of us are shooting with natural light, this implies certain things we must be aware while shooting. Also, shooting with natural light means you're using the sun as your lightsource, this will change the direction, quality and temperature (this will mean the color...

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52 weeks photo challenge

Morning guys! How are you doing? This year has been crazy and I barely got time to take the camera out to shoot and learn new things. That's why I am bringing this new and awesome plan to practice together our photography skills and improve them this new year!...

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Portraits: Light modifiers

15DECEMBER, 2017Flash Light Modifiers PortraitsIt is hard to know when should we use a light modifier. Is also difficult to guess which one is the best. And last, it is hard to buy light modifiers on a budget. So this are some tips and tricks to practice your portrait...

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Photoplayground: #21 Flare

How are you dear fellow photography players? How are you doing? New year, new challenge! There's nothing cooler than starting the year with the drive of keep on learning, improving and practicing our photographic skills! And under the light of the awesome...

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Pixels? Dpi? What’s that?

Good morning, my dear photography lovers! It has been a long time I didn't write anything here, so it's time to get back to work on the blog and keep learning about photography. And what a better topic than learning what's the difference between píxeles and dots per...

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Good morning! I am writing a micropost about my last photo discovery! As you know, I've been doing my own Photoplayground for about a year already! Geez, time flies! I made it having in mind a couple things. First of all, I wanted to play with other photographers and...

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Photoshop (I): Healing and cloning

I've been working a lot lately to improve my Photoshop skills. And even there's still a lot of work ahead, I am happy because I am already starting to get when to use which tools, and how to achieve the results I am looking for. That goes from retouching portraits...

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That's how I am feeling lately. Uninspired. Sadly, not only in the photography side of my life (might have spent all January without shooting anything, although I have been working on my editing skills) but in general, in everything. Have you ever felt like that? Like...

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Free Photoshop brushes

Hey guys!! So far you've seeing me play around with smoke soooooo much and you already know I love it badly! Therefore, I thought it was about time to get back to shooting smoke and getting, not only the pics, but some amazing brushes to use in Photoshop when needed...

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Portraits: Shooting under bright sun

Have you ever had a shoot outdoors and you HAVE to schedule on a really crappy for portraits light? And yes, I am talking about shooting under bright midday sun. Geez! This summer has come great where I live, which is quite weird as we don't usually have this awesome...

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Lightroom (I): Basic info + Set up

Remember we've talked about RAW files and JPEG files? And how do we need a special program to edit and run the RAWs so we can watch them and work with them to make our photography to look the way we want them too. Today I am presenting you Lightroom as it is the most...

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